First Baptist Church of Juapong, Ghana

Our sister church across the world

In June 2017, First Baptist Bedford, IN, in partnership with Praying Pelican Missions, took a mission trip to Ghana, Africa. Within that area, we quickly developed two partnerships. One happened to be the place where we lodged for the week: The Frankadua Baptist Vocational Training Centre and First Baptist Church of Juapong. FBC Juapong didn’t exist before our team arrived that June. Instead, the Ghana Baptist Convention planted and started the church services on the week we were there. Pastor Emmanuel pastors the church and keeps frequent contact with us here in Indiana. Since our original trip in June 2017, we have returned one time. The trip was in July 2018. If you are ever curious about the partnership or would consider visiting it yourself, don’t hesitate to contact the church!

The 2018 Mission Team outside FBC Juapong Pastor Emmanuel

December 2018 Church Report

The December report is the last one for the year 2018.  The report as usual would tackled the following activities for the Month under review: Preaching/Teachings, Church Attendance, Evangelism, etc.

 The Month of December was used to review all the teachings of the year , members were given the opportunity to ask questions and made contribution. Due to the above we intentionally didn't introduce any new topic for the Month underreview.

                                                         Adults.                Children.                 Total
2/12/2018.                                            28.                        13.                        41
9/12/2018.                                            30.                         15                        45
16/12/2018.                                           22.                          8.                        30
23/12/2018.                                           33.                         12.                       45
30/12/2018.                                           35.                         20.                       55

The December,2018 Church Attendance appear to be the best church attendance for the year under review this is been supported with the data above.  The church managed to have 43 of her members including children attending church service every Sunday on average.

We embark on various indoor Evangelism activities for the Month of December,2018 such as Games, Get together, Film show and Home Cell meetings have been intensified. I believe this is what influences the December church attendance.

We also attended Zonal Joint Service at Akosombo on 9th December,2018 which 45 of our members participated including children.

4. 31st December, 2018 Watch Night Service:
We held the watch night service to welcome the new year about 60 people participated in the program which 3 new souls publicly accepted Christ as Lord and also promised to become members of the church.

5.Coming Events:
1. The church would be fasting for 7 days starting from 7th January,2019 to 14th January,2019
2. My Robing ceremony has been billed for 10th Febuary, 2019 to be hosted by First Baptist Church,Juapong. We need your prayers in that regard.

1. We sincerely request for your prayers for the church ministry here in Ghana